PSW Program » Admission Requirements/Program Fees

Admission Requirements/Program Fees

The following are some of the requirements for acceptance into the program:
  • Must have reliable transportation to be able to commute to classes and clinical/work placements.
  • Have the fitness level necessary to perform the duties required of a PSW.

  • Have access to a computer.

  • Be eighteen years of age with an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or be nineteen years of age or older with or without an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). (Under the legislation, students will need to be a minimum of 18 years of age or older PRIOR to being able to register for the PSW program, regardless of their OSSD status.)

  • Be an Ontario resident  – Must be able to provide copy of proof of residency (please provide one of the following; driver’s license, tax bill, lease agreement, cable/TV bill, etc.)

  • A clear vulnerable sector screening check, This screening must indicate no convictions including pending convictions. Forms will be handed out once the course begins.

  • An up-to-date immunization record (blood titres must accompany the immunization record – it is required for placements)

  • Current Two-Step TB test (if step one-skin test-is positive – you must include a chest x-ray showing report of “no active TB”)

  • Influenza vaccination (influenza vaccine is mandatory for clinical and co-op placements)

  • Provide a copy of your Dose 1, Dose 2, and Booster Dose (within the last 6 months) for COVID-19 vaccine. 

  • Canadian Birth Certificate *Please note that if you are a non-Canadian citizen, you will need to present at the orientation session proof of “Citizenship & Immigration Canada” documentation. A form “Confirmation of Residency and Eligibility” must be completed and signed confirming that the data on the form is accurate. It will be examined to verify eligibility by the Continuing Education school official. 

  • Secondary School Transcript (note:  if you have an IEP, please provide us with it, so we can guide you accordingly)

  • Current resume or list of jobs you held along with dates you worked

  • Completion of the Reading and Writing Comprehension Assessment- provided by the CDSBEO.                                    
In July 2023, the Ministry of Long-Term Care announced a new, multi-year PSW education and recruitment program called, Long-Term Care Career Launcher Program to support the ongoing need for PSWs in the province. This program is for new PSW students enrolling in District School Board PSW programs. Funding will cover the cost of all material fees associated with the CDSBEO PSW program. 
The cost of the program is $1,800.00. This amount is due in full prior to the start of the program. Late fees will not be accepted unless it is approved in advance. A payment plan may be worked out with approval. Our preferred method of payment is debit VISA/Mastercard payments and credit cards.

Please note: A receipt from the school board will be issued and mailed to the person or organization that issued the payment. We are not eligible to issue a T2202 or T2202A for income tax as these forms can only be issued by a university or college or an institution certified by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC). The PSW course is a secondary credit course.

In accordance with the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development, formerly the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities Tuition Fee Operating Procedures (2012), students must submit a formal written notification of withdrawal within 10 business days of the beginning of a course to receive a refund of fees for the current term.
Students who withdraw prior to and including the 10th day of the term must contact St James Catholic Education Centre and their instructor or coordinator. Students who withdraw by the 10th day may then be refunded for:
a) all term tuition and ancillary fees assessed and paid, less $500.00 administrative fee and any service charges (e.g. installment fee, late fee, deferral fee, etc.)
Students who withdraw after the 10th day of the term will not receive a refund for the current term. Students may be able to re-embark with us for the following semester program.
Important notes:
  • Students who withdraw after the 10th day of the term, and who have outstanding fees for the current term, are and may be held liable for those outstanding fees upon the discretion of the Principal and Department of Finance.
  • Students who do not officially withdraw will be liable for all fees assessed.
The following actions DO NOT constitute Official Withdrawals:
  • Non-attendance
  • Verbally or electronically notifying your instructor, coordinator of the program or St James Catholic Education Centre school staff