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School Information

St. James Catholic Education Centre (formerly The School of Alternative and Continuing Education) is based out of Smiths Falls Ontario.
The CDSBEO offers a variety of continuing education programs including our PSW program and credit continuing education courses. Online courses are available for adults and students.
Our St. James Catholic Education Centre site in Smiths Falls also houses our Turning Points and ABLE programs. Turning Points is an alternative education environment with a low student to teacher ratio for students in grade 7-12 who require a small, specialized learning environment.
Our program is staffed with 1 special education teacher, an Itinerant Alternative Behavioral Learning Environment (ABLE) worker, a behavioural health consultant, and 2 educational assistants. This allows for individual and small group focuses on educational needs as well as personal and group counseling for addictions and drug awareness. ABLE offers a short-term alternative to suspension program to support students in grades 7-12 within our board.