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Overview of Adult Education Options offered:
Earn your OSSD faster than you think with PLAR!
Onsite at St James Catholic Education Centre, we work with schools within our board and are coordinated to accept and complete mPLAR intake and assessments. We are also able to make referrals to programs to help meet the needs of the adult student. 
PLAR (Prior Learning Assessments and Recognition) is an assessment where a student may be granted up to 26 credits based on prior learning and experience. There are grade 9 and 10 assessments in which an adult learner can complete in order to earn up to 16 grade 9 and 10 credits with principal approval. The grade 11 and 12 assessments are completed based on curriculum expectations, with principal approval in a particular course. For example, if the learner is currently raising children, one might look at a Parenting course in the Social Science and Humanities curriculum to see if the learner has met the overall expectations of that course. If the expectations have been met, then a credit may be granted. PLAR assessments can occur at any time during the year.
To be PLAR eligible, one must be:
  • – 18 years of age or older by the end of the current school year (August);
  • – actively working toward their OSSD
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Application form for Grade 9/10 PLAR:
Application form for Grade 11/12 PLAR: