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Taking an online course is a great way to study! There are many advantages to this mode of education; however, there are some things you should be aware of, to be as prepared as possible for your new experience.
CDSBEO e-Learning Courses are delivered through this website: e-Learning Ontario
A student considering an Online course MUST be comfortable using a computer. At the very least we require students to be able to:
  • have regular access to a computer
  • use email and have an acceptable personal email address for possible contact during the course
  • send and receive attachments on email messages
  • work with a word processor (Microsoft WORD is preferable), creating and formatting documents
  • save and organize files in folders on your hard drive or workspace  for later retrieval
  • use a spreadsheet program (EXCEL is the format we require) with basic functions
  • conduct efficient Internet searches
  • copy and paste text from one application to another
  • multi-task (work with multiple software applications simultaneously)
  • open and manipulate files using Adobe Acrobat (.pdf files)
  • download and install “plug-ins”
  • work with different file formats
From our experience, we find that students must have a strong motivation to succeed in an online course. Students must be able to make their own study schedule and stick to it to ensure that work is submitted regularly and in a timely fashion to meet the course deadlines.